Europa casino takes measures to strengthen security

The online gambling industry is not only very competitive, but also a prime target for those who want to inflict a lot of pain to law-abiding people.

Hackers are constantly targeting online casinos, hoping that eventually they will be able to break through the firewalls and encryption protocols.

Assuming they make it this far, they will have no problem in stealing the funds of those who deposited, but also the sensitive information they share with the online casino.

This is a huge concern that some of the industry leaders are trying to address over the last couple of months, the thread has grown exponentially. Akamai is paying close attention to what happens in this line of work and as of the best technology security firms, it can bring some valuable input.


In 2015, they notice that in the market was under constant assault from outside sources and these attacks are increasingly effective at penetrating the weaker firewalls.

Compared to other top industries, the online casino market is responsible for 50% of the fans, with the number speaking for themselves. That’s why, the technology security firm instructed online casinos double their efforts and make sure that their firewalls and protective technologies are up to date.

Europa casino was already walking down this path and this year alone, invest a lot of money bringing its technology up to date.

The recent reports suggest that the state of the Internet is changing quickly and DDoS attackers are increasingly effective in conducting their offensives. Their strategy is not overly complicated and by simply overloading the band white of a website with hundreds of thousands of requests, they bring it to a screeching halt.

The end result is that the website becomes nonoperational for a limited period of time, but this is enough to hurt the business direly.
Online casinos depend on having their service running smoothly 24/7, so they can’t afford to have their website kept hostage. In many cases, casinos become the victim of these hackers have no possibility to escape except for paying a ransom to the perpetrators.

The amount can be pretty steep, so it is a better strategy to simply best more money to having a superior security team.

These guys work round-the-clock to make sure that those who would want to inflict harm are powerless.
In 2015 Europa casino was not the target of such attacks, or at least they didn’t let the media know about any such attempts.

On the other hand Betfair, PokerStars, Unibet and Svenska Spel were in the crosshairs of wrongdoers is only fair to assume that they will make new attacks 2016 and beyond.

The number of attacks is actually on the rise from quarter to quarter and the upward trend can only be stopped if all online casinos become fully aware of the threat posed by these cyber criminals.