What are the chances of winning when betting online?

Betting on sports events is regarded by many as a surefire way of making a site income, or even turn into a satoshi-dice-soldlong-term and profitable career.

Now that wagering over the Internet is possible, many are wondering whether it is more profitable to make the transition from land-based bookmakers to their online counterparts.

The odds of winning seem to be the same, but there are a couple of reasons in favor of betting exclusively online.

Undertake research and prosper

If you are willing to invest just as much time as money in your betting endeavor, then the odds of thriving are much better than if you place your bet exclusively on intuition.

One would have to commit just as much time to research when betting online, but the advantages that punters enjoy easier access to relevant data. The odds of striking it rich overnight are slim to none, but in the long run, it is possible to round up your bankroll incrementally.

Keep in mind that you need to be able to survive the odds beating you before you even think about beating the odds. Wagering is entertaining and the thrills of watching the games as they unfold are guaranteed to keep players on their toes.


At the same time, there are many players who enjoy wagering in real-time for serious reasons, as they know how to use the available information to place inspired bets and that’s where live streaming services come in handy.

Take the odds with a bit of salt

Bookmakers are using odds to determine how likely it is for an athlete or a team to win a match, but they are not written in stone and players shouldn’t rely exclusively on them. If you always bet on the favorites or do the exact opposite and wager only on the underdogs, then you are guaranteed to lose in the long run.

The trick is to find those odds where the potential benefits exceed the risks and this is the actual challenge that many players need to tackle.

There is obviously an indissoluble link between the chances of a player to win and the odds given by bookmakers, so if you bet on top odds expect to lose more often.

Don’t be greedy and exercise bankroll management, as this is the only safety net that players have when betting online.