How to bet on rugby?

Betting on rugby is not the easiest thing for punters, especially for beginners who are not familiar withrugbyworldcup the game. Many will notice the discrepancy in odds and the fact that there is usually a huge gap of skill between the teams, which results in low odds.

The challenge is to find those games that are worth the effort to research and wager on, without taking unnecessary chances.

Essential things to factor in when betting

Rugby is not much different from other sports so they general guidelines that apply to most types of betting are also in effect here. To start with, players should avoid betting on insignificant odds because in the long run they will surely lose.

Bookies know how to maximize the house edge and they rarely overprice the underdogs, so players will always wager on odds that are lower than the risks they take.

The obvious thing to do is to trust the favorites to cover the spread or do the exact opposite and bet on the underdogs not to go down by a wide margin. By doing so, you benefit from better odds and it is much easier to determine whether the bookmaker is offering you fair value.


Eventw that have a 50% chance to occur should be priced at no less than 1.95, as anything below this value is a rip-off.

Games to pick and matches to avoid

It is always smart to stay clear of friendly games and competitions that have no stakes whatsoever, because these are less likely it seriously. If you are hell-bent on placing money on such images, it is better to the underdogs not go down by too many points.

Better teams are more likely to take the games live as they have a busy schedule ahead and focus more on avoiding injuries.

Regardless of the magnitude of the match players should also pay attention to the venue where the games will take place, the physical freshness of the teams as well as the motivation of players. Obviously, one can’t ignore the rankings and the general level, while savvy punters will also take a closer look at the weather and the quality of the pitch.

By paying attention to all these details, they have a better chance at making an educated guess and putting their money on a strong contender.